Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back On The Forest Trail To Mozambique

Dr. Julian Bayliss on Mt Mabu in Mozambique, with a very large chameleon.

I am sitting in the departure section of Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. I am off to Mozambique to a project run by Ashoka Fellow Alan Schwartz, near Beira in Mozambique. Although Allan supplied a lot of background and interviews for the documentary about Forestry carbon projects that I am working on, this will be my first chance to visit his project in Mozambique.

It's very rainy there, so I have packed all manner of waterproof camera protectors and should be there about eight days. During that time I will be writing a journal that I will upload onto here periodically.

It's good to be working on this project again after a couple of months hiatus, doing good family things and trying to raise awareness and get it on the road again. Copenhagen was an education for me and the rest of the world I hope. It's clear that only by concentrating on getting the job of preserving forests today done, can we hope to influence policy makers to make sure the architechture of new agreement to replace the Kyoto Protocol includes strong provisions to protect and replant the world's forests. This project seeks to continue the sharing of information between project implementers and the voting public following projects that are already saving trees, and creating jobs and income for local communities through carbon markets.

So in that vein, I will be int he bush, visiting forest communities who have been retrained from charcoal making to forest guardians, and earned them very good money in the process.

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