Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Astronaut's View

Many people have talked about the humbling experience of heading to space. Although I have had many trips, that's not a place I have been yet, however I just spent a few hours vicariously living through the eyes of Astronaut Douglas Wheelock (Wheels). This guy not only writes his heart out, but can take pictures that help us see and share the beauty of our little blue-green planet.

So Come Look at His Images Here

I have nothing else to say except that, from the bottom of my heart, thanks Wheels, you have inspired me on a day when I needed it a lot.



  1. ... and thank you to you too, for inspiring us.

  2. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing the link Jeff.
    Its always great to read your blogs, keep them coming. You have been doing a great job in bringing to light particularly the issues that my beloved birth continent Africa struggles with. I have just returned from a trip to Mozambique as I had emailed you about couple of months ago and I saw first hand the impact on the ecosystem the chinese presence are having there, my soul bleeds.
    Thanks again for your wonderful images and fantastic blog.