Friday, May 6, 2011

Botswana's Magadigadi Pans and Khubu Island in Pictures

Another Desert Campsite near the Pans.

Lappetfaced Vultures take flight in the Magadigadi National Park in Botswana. The Vultures are an indicator species, and a thriving group of juveniles like this one shows that the ecosystem here is very healthy.

The Granite bedrock of Khubu Island, in the Magadigadi Pans. The Island is still a spiritual center for the both the San Bushmen and the local community.

Travelling across the Pans can be very dangerous in the rainy season. Its best to never leave the main roads, or else you run the rick of slipping into the primordial ooze that lurks beneath the crusty clay.

The Magadigadi Pans National Park, only covers about a third of the pans' area. Here on its Eastern edge our desert campsite, with the Southern Cross on her side above us.

In the shadows of a Baobab Tree, Khubu Island's isolation is ending. This one-time island in a lake is now an island in the vastness of the Pans. It's serenity and beauty draw thousands of tourists a year, who bring in revenue to the local community.

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  1. The Granite bedrock of Khubu Island are so amazing, I would visit this place to see these rocks...