Thursday, October 20, 2011

Richtersveld/ Ais Ais Transfrontier Conservation Area.

We are on the Namibia side of the Orange River.  This is the Richterveld Ais Ais Transfrontier Conservation area.  These two large watersheds across the borders of South Africa and Namibia have been combined into a single park, to allow animals and people greater freedom of movement.  Trans-boundary parks reunite ecosystems into a whole management approach, and allow countries to manage their natural resources in a combined way.  As Climate Change worsens, countries that have an ability to manage water and other resources across boundaries will be better able to adapt to those changes.  We are on our way to the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia, where we are hoping to get a greater understanding of how climate change is affecting southern Africa.  We will also be visiting the Okavango, whose watershed along with the Zambezi is being incorporated into a much bigger park plan the size of Italy.  It is finally hot after three days of freezing, unseasonable weather.

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