Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Creating A Climate For Change- The Movie And Updated Blog Post

I understand that the film for some reason did not come through email, so here it is again.  My apologies.

If You Cant See the Film In Your Browser
CLICK HERE to view it on my channel.

After three weeks away from most other responsibilities and a chance to just get my head down and do some work, I have now finished the editing of the Creating A Climate For Change documentary.  The  screening and launch for Durban was great, and allowed the project to benefit from the publicity of the COP17 Conference in Durban, but for a stand-alone film edit the project needed hundreds of hours of further editing.  That is now done, and I am happy to announce the documentary is uploaded and viewable here.  I am looking for broadcast partners worldwide, so if anyone knows some folks who might like to buy it for broadcast, that would be great.  Link TV may be running it in the next few months.  If that is the case I will make sure to post the flighting times on here.

Happy New Year!

Double Click to open this video to open it full screen, and choose on the lower right of the picture 480p to view it in.  The quality is much better.

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