Monday, November 30, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words

I am in Malawi at the moment, editing very hard to get the documentary done before Copenhagen next week.

Nevertheless, I am spending today going in to Mozambique for a last bit of coverage, where a public-private partnership is trying to reforest hardwood trees, and provide an income for people from forests.

Yesterday I finished a slide show of the South African project on Spekboom, the hardy little bush that may help stop Climate Change in that area and bring in some carbon cash.

Herewith is that piece:


  1. Hey Jeff -- Congratulations on a great project, and good luck with the last lap before Copenhagen. Would love to see your doccie when you're back in SA. As deforestation is essentially a consequence of energy poverty in the developing world, I also hope to see greater support for innovations in solar, wind etc that will give people access much-needed (clean) energy.

  2. Thanks Megan,
    We should talk about possible collaborations in the New Year! Been ages since our Time Magazine project.