Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trading Africa's Trees - Lessons From Tanzania

I am sitting again at the departures lounge of Oliver Tambo International airport in Johannesburg. Still worried about my carbon footprint, watching all the jets take off. I have decided that when I find the right project, and maybe I already have, I will offset all my Carbon usage from the this project, and make it a habit from now on. I will share that process, and make suggestions, etc. I hope this project will inform you enough to make your own choices.

I am flying off to Malawi for the third part of the documentary, working with Hestian Innovations as they struggle to get certified for their Carbon offsets. They have some very active community projects that are dedicated to reducing Africa's dependence on fuel from wood.

Over the last few days I put together a short piece of the Tanzania video. My breakfast is getting cold, and I am running on four hours of sleep after a marathon editing session last night.

You can view the video right here or click it to watch it on my You Tube channel.

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