Friday, February 22, 2013

Reportage: In Lesotho's Highlands A Garden Grows

The Katse Damn high in the Lesotho Mountains. It is Africa's second largest and supplies Johannesburg with a steady water supply.
Looking out over the Lesotho border with South Africa, from near Ficksburg just after a rainstorm.

A hiker enjoys sunset in a cave on the Lesotho border with South Africa, in the foothills of the Drakensburg Mountains.

Gardener Thabo Palesa tends lettuce at his garden in the Lesotho Highlands.  The country has promoted gardening as a cheap way to give people he nutrients they need. 

Theboho Rantiso, left and his friend Moshoeshoe Matlali tend their herds near Bobete

The small road leading through Lesotho's highlands to Bobonong.

Henry Suthisi, 78, sits in his front garden near Bobonong, Lesotho.

Ladies carried every rock from 1.5 kilometers away to build the Lebokang Clinic in Lesotho. 

Makopanang Suthisi, 78 with her keyhole gardens. She feeds two families with the vegetables from here all year.  Lesotho has one of the highest HIV/AIDS infection rates in the world, roughly 23% of the population is living with the disease. 

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