Friday, March 8, 2013

The Launch of The High Cost Of Cheap Gas Financing Campaign

Hi Another Path Followers and Readers,

I have launched the High Cost Of Cheap Gas financing campaign on Kickstarter today!  The link to that campaign is here.  I ask all of you, my readers and friends, to please forward this important campaign on to your networks if you feel like it is worthwhile.  A simple email will do, and this is the hyperlink to do it with (just cut and paste it):

I will be updating this blog daily with information about the campaign and the story, and hope to bring all of you along on this expedition, at least in cyberspace.

This film is for everyone concerned about natural resources like the air, water and soil we depend on for our survival. It is for voters, activists, gas drillers decision makers and communities who are facing natural gas extraction around the world. It is for everyone who is concerned about their own and their children’s health and future.

This project takes a critical look at the gas industry in the United States, providing a crucial perspective to the debate around the proposed gas development in Southern Africa. Scientists and researchers are revealing that the explosion of the gas industry with horizontal fracturing in the US has come at the expense of people’s health and the environment. The promised economic prospects and growth were often s unsustained. A country like South Africa marked by high unemployment and poverty, needs the knowledge in this film to avoid the same mistakes that were made in the US.

Knowledge is power, and today through portals like Kickstarter, the people consuming the media have the chance to be in charge of its creation. Become a commissioning editor or a backer and be part of the creation of this project. Never before has the media had to answer so directly to the people we create these pieces for, and that is an exciting part of launching this type of project.

The oil and gas industry has almost unlimited resources to spread misinformation and suppress unbiased and critical reporting. The shortage of money in the independent media makes it hard to counteract these reports, but also offers this unique opportunity to be directly involved in cutting through the propaganda.

Do you care about gas drilling? Do you want to know the latest and most pertinent information? Then join our team. As a sponsor you can make your voice heard. We keep you up to date in our online community forum with reports from the field, cutting edge research, poignant stories and behind the scenes photographs delivered directly to you. This project is for you and everyone out there who needs this information to make informed decisions about our common future. 

Thank You,
Jeffrey Barbee, Johannesburg March 4, 2013

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