Sunday, April 14, 2013

Great Partnerships

On the road in the Karoo with cameraman Graham Abbot and grip Carlos Quiroga.

Dear Backers and Friends,
I am happy to announce that we have indeed received 75% of the funding for this film from the Open Society Foundation.  It would not have happened had we not put up the Kickstarter campaign, and it could not happen without all of you.  That 66 people from around the world gave their time and energy and cash to the project was one of the factors that helped us get the funding.  Thank you all for your help. 
Now we have a way forward and a new crowd-funding campaign to raise the rest of the money.  It would be fantastic if you all gave again to the film, and most importantly spread the message out to your networks that we are going ahead with it and need more people on board. 
The link to the new film project on Indiegogo is here:

We are off into the Karoo Desert in the next few days to interview farmers, scientists and communities.  We will be camping out under the stars, taking pictures and making this film.  We will keep you all up to date from the Indiegogo campaign page and this blog.

You can also follow us on Facebook here:

Thanks Again and We Hope You All Join Us!

Director Jeffrey Barbee and Producer Mira Dutschke

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