Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The High Cost Of Cheap Gas - The Path Forward

Dear Friends and Backers,

First of all a huge “Thank You” for supporting our project, “The High Cost of Cheap Gas”

The 30 day crowd-sourcing campaign led to many great things: South Africa's most watched current-affairs show is interested to run this story in the format we envisioned.  We received funding separately from the kickstarter campaign to bridge the time between now and the time we get further funding.  A foundation has indicated interest to fund about 80% of the entire budget.

Often the only thing that separates success from failure is whether we quit, well that won't be happening.

This has been a great learning experience for us and helped us decide to start a similar campaign on a different website. If you, as one of our 66 backers still want to support this project, you can transfer your backing to our new page on Indiegogo that we will send out to you this week.

Since the kickstarter campaign has ended your pledges are returned to your bank accounts this week. The 3,600 USD we raised here would go a long way in helping us to create a powerful and compelling story, especially when combined with the other funding and partnerships we have secured.

We have put a 10K USD budget together for the new proposal on Indiegogo on a flexible funding model, meaning we get to use the all of the donations you make. This allows all of you to still be personally part of this project and makes sure that the story continues.  If you would like to make a direct contribution please let us know through email or phone.

We would like to thank each one of you for believing in us and supporting this important work, without you it would not be possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and please sign up to our Facebook page.

Warm Regards
Jeffrey and Mira


  1. Hi there,
    I watched the tail end of the Big Debate Show on telly a few minutes ago and saw and heard you (Jeffrey). You have a very interesting take on the energy crisis. We, as you will see at our website, are creating renewable energy. Take a look at this: http://bamboric.com/renewable-energy/index.php/a-first-for-south-africa