Monday, December 28, 2009

"Best Of 2009" Mt Mabu in Mozambique (just skip the ad)


  1. When are you going back to mt Mabu?
    And what are you hoping to find.

  2. There was much talk on the trip about other possible new species. I am hoping to return tpo Mabu in November and do a walk through the whole forest with a research team. As for what we may find, that is impossible to know. But as Conradie says in the video piece, "In this place, anything could be a new species". Although its unlikely to find something big, it's possible isolated, remnant species of mammals bigger than bats and shrews could be found.

  3. Its probably that there is much more to find, and I hope to return to Mabu with a research team in November to cross the forest on a transect. We shall see, but there is talk of much more interesting findings.