Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Copenhagen in Pictures 2

This is probably the only place my images of Copenhagen will be seen, I thought to share the best of them. There were so many journalists and photographers in the city that at one point in the demonstrations when the police were laying into the crowd with batons, they had to stop. In front of them the only people within striking distance were photographers and camera-people. So hundreds of thousands of images are out there, getting shelved into the archives of thousands of computers. I thought these few images should be seen before suffering a similar fate. Click the photo to get a better view.

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The Polar Bear attacks the film-maker after he produced too much carbon making his documentary about Trading Trees in Africa. The bear backed off after eliciting a promise to take all that carbon out of the air. It could have been ugly.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) created this bronze sculpture of a Polar Bear in a city square in Copenhagen. They encased the sculpture in ice, which melted throughout the conference. A young girl collects snow from the side of the bear.

The Metro in Copenhagen has a view forward strait down the tunnels, seen through the reflection in the glass here. The train also uses less energy by building every stop at the top of a small hill.

Getting all patched up after a run-in with the police in Copenhagen.

The power of the internet unleashed in Copenhagen: A journalist "tweets" (using the application Twitter) so people around the world know exactly what is happening at the conference. Or at least know a little.

A Buddhist monk works at his computer in between the talks at the Bella Center where the conference was taking place.

A homeless man on the train in Copenhagen.

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