Monday, March 25, 2013

The High Cost Of Cheap Gas- 12 Days and Counting

It's 12 days and counting down for the 30 day funding period for the film, The High Cost Of Cheap Gas.  For all of you like me who are new to Kickstarter, if we don't raise the 22K for this project, then we get nothing at all and all the pledges get refunded to everyone's credit card. 

It would be great if this project went "viral" and things turned around, and so me and my team have worked this weekend to renovate the project page and bring new ideas to bear (so to speak).

The new look on the page is aimed to focus some attention on something most fracking journalists have so far overlooked: The effect of fracking chemicals on people's endocrine system.  Led by scientists like Dr. Theo Colborn, the latest data is suggesting that the millions of liters of chemicals injected into the ground during fracking operations can lead to severe medical problems, including infertility, birth defects, and long-term debilitating illnesses of many different kinds.

Choosing Mimi Jordan, the amazing mother-to-be for this shoot was important to graphically show this causal link that is now well established by independent scientists. 
I wanted to share some more pictures from the shoot on Saturday with everyone.  Special thanks to Mimi, her partner, artist Andrea Rolfes, and Jurgen Meekel.  It is an honour to work with such a talented team.
Jeffrey Barbee EX: Johannesburg South Africa

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